What we do

For over a decade, Children’s Literacy Project (formerly BeUndivided) has been mobilizing people and communities of faith into the public schools. The result was thousands of faith communities and hundreds of thousands of volunteers moved from the pews into the schools. Today we are focused on activating volunteers to become reading mentors.

We Educate and Advocate

for Literacy Awareness.

Understanding creates compassion and compassion leads to action. Through media, training and sharing best practices, we exists to fan the flames of caring activism.

We Distribute Books to Forgotten Communities

There are entire communities with very few books for early reading in children’s homes. We know that a love of books is essential to the hope of literacy.

We build local movements

Transformation happens in the streets, in neighborhoods and where people connect life on live. Local leadership is the bedrock of lasting movements. These truths are the pillars of our mission.

We Recruit Volunteers

Caring adults who speak directly into a child’s life builds confidence, social skills, self-esteem and a hope for life. We foster this by mobilizing reading buddies.

We Support Church Missions

Jesus commanded, “Love your neighbor” but so many church goers don’t know how and want to do more. There are under-resourced children nearby every caring church.