Literacy Builds Futures

Activating people and communities of faith into the cause of early childhood literacy.

Illiterate by third grade is a life sentence.

Literacy by age nine sets the precedent for a child’s future. If a child reads by the third grade, they have nearly a ninety percent chance of graduating high school. Meanwhile, if that same child is illiterate, they are far more likely to fall victim to addiction, poverty, and a life of crime.

1 in 4

American school children cannot read.

360 Billion

The cost of dropouts to U.S. taxpayers.

1.2 Million

American children dropout each year (before COVID).

30 Million

American adults are illiterate.

67% Of Children who can't read by age nine
will end up in prison or on welfare.

"Sentenced", a Feature Film by the Children's Literacy Project

Announcing our new documentary feature film


Coming in 2024

An in-depth look at one of America’s most fixable problems, childhood illiteracy, and its role in our growing cycles of poverty, imprisonment and addiction.


Every Child Faith & Literacy Summit

Children’s Literacy Project hosted the Faith and Literacy Summit in November of 2023. The Every Child Faith & Literacy Summit is a first of its kind event where literacy and eduction professionals and agency leaders coalesced to determine together a God-Sized vision for the cause of Early Childhood Literacy.

A new generation of volunteers

For over a decade we have been at the forefront of Church/School partnership movements: 100,000+ volunteers, dozens of cities, thousands of churches… And we are just getting started.

churches are the key

Communities of faith are the sleeping giant of community transformation and building a brighter future for all people. Every community in America is crying out for help for their under-resourced and forgotten children. Who besides churches could provide such a throng of loving volunteers?

we Launch and accelerate
literacy programs